Family has always been quintessential to me. I grew up in a big and happy household with a loving family, so it has always been my dream to have a family of my own.

As a youngster, I always dreamed of having three children, a wonderful partner, pets running around, when I turned 30. But life doesn’t always work out the way we expect it to.

Still single at 40, I was broken-hearted when my marriage ended after three devastating failed IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) cycles. Yet my longing to start a family was still very much a priority.

After my divorce, I was apprehensive about how to achieve my wish about becoming a parent on my own:

  • I had already spent a substantial amount of money on IVF 
  • I was told it would be challenging for me to have kids because of my age
  • Committed relationships, for whatever reason, were not working
  • I went as far as considering adoption, but as an older single man, this seemed hopeless.

I had comfort knowing that I had a prosperous career, a supportive family, and beautiful friends, but something was still missing in my world. 

I so desperately wanted to experience the joy of becoming a parent, where I could love my children and finally experience the true meaning of life.

I was frightened that I wouldn’t be accepted by adoption agencies or fertility clinics as an older single man. We live in a stereotypical society, with ongoing prejudice and discrimination against single African middle-aged men, not to mention gay or bisexual men.

I apprehensively started reaching out to fertility clinics around the world, researching surrogacy as a single man. I made contact with fertility clinics in the USA, Canada, India, and Nepal; however, I was always sceptical because of the excessive expenses associated with these clinics. Most of which had poor communication. I felt a lack of trust, and again, the fear of being discriminated against. Something didn’t feel right to me, and I had to listen to my gut.

My journey eventually led me to Cape Windhoek Fertility clinic (CWF) through their sister clinic, HART Fertility, based in Cape Town. From the first welcoming email to the warm and empathetic phone call, everything started to fall into place. I began to believe that perhaps my dreams could come true. I was elated; I had not felt in what seemed like a lifetime.

The constant communication through my journey was excellent, and even when my anxiety was getting the better of me, I felt supported. Fred Kigozi, of CWF, took the time to update me and keep me informed, which bridged the “distance” gap.

Fred Kigozi – CWF Practice Manager

Receiving the news that IVF with my surrogate was successful was the most incredible news. The day I received the phone call that I was going to be a father changed my life forever. I cannot describe the excitement and pure delight I was feeling.

 Unlike other fertility agencies I researched, CWF supported me far past the IVF stage. They were there as support throughout the pregnancy, right up to the day my miracle twins were born. And even today, I still get regular contact from the clinic. Their service has been nothing short of phenomenal.

 Through Assisted Reproduction Treatment (ART), becoming a parent can be a daunting and anxiety-driven experience. Yet, with sufficient assistance and proper communication from a fertility clinic, the stressful process can be equally rewarding.

The clinic provided me with clinical support, but the team was also helpful with other various parts of the surrogacy journey. The team liaised with other agencies and stakeholders such as external lawyers, the Department of Immigration, and migration agents. They also assisted me with my travelling plans to ensure a stress-free trip home with my babies. I cannot begin to thank these guys enough.

Sitting down at my desk writing about my IVF journey, with my twin newborn babies staring at me with their gorgeous big brown eyes, I have tears running down my cheeks, which makes me feel incredibly grateful. 

It still feels surreal, and I am entirely indebted to the CWF for their fantastic care and support.

Looking back, I have achieved my dream of becoming a father, but more than that, I have been welcomed into an extended family in CWF.

I was lucky to be treated as a person and not as a number, and I wholeheartedly believe if you choose CWF, you will be treated in the same way.

I have no reason, whatsoever, not to recommend the CWF & HART to anyone wanting to start their own family, so do get in touch with them today to find out more!