Maxine du Toit
Genetic Counsellor
Ever since childhood Ms. du Toit has found great interest in interacting with people with different medical/genetic conditions. Not only does she find genetics fascinating, but she absolutely loves hearing people’s stories of living a life confronted with the extraordinary. With regards to prenatal Genetic Counselling, Ms. du Toit has a special passion for helping couples:
  • Understand how their genetic makeup could possibly play a role in infertility and pregnancy loss;
  • Navigate through the uncertainty and available genetic testing should there be a known/suspected genetic condition in the family;
  • Understand their risk of having a child with a recessive condition;
  • Understand their risk for having a child with a common genetic disorder such as Down Syndrome;
  • Decide if genetic testing for any of the above-mentioned are appropriate for them and guide them through the testing process. As a parent herself, she understands the inherent drive for having the best for one’s children in mind. Genetic counselling can support this determination in so many ways when planning a family of one’s own.
She is most excited to assist in HART patients’ fertility journeys and to share her knowledge of Genetics and how it is applicable to the “everyday person” through the articles she will be contributing exclusively to our clinic.


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