Why Chiropractic Care Plays a Vital Role in Fertility, Pregnancy & Birth

Dr Glenn Caley

Dr Glenn Caley of Caley Chiropractic recently joined the HART family as our recommended Chiropractor for our patients.

Caley Chiropractic is a family-run chiropractic practice and all of their patients receive individual and personalised care, with the full support of our team throughout. Dr Caley uses the Gonstead system and they specialise in applying this approach to all aspects of care. Dr Caley himself has been in practice for 12 years, exclusively using the Gonstead system, most recently at the Gonstead Clinic UK on world-famous Harley Street, London, UK, before moving to Cape Town to set-up his own practice, Caley Chiropractic in 2020.

We sat down with Dr Glenn Caley to find out how specific Chiropractic care plays a vital role in pregnancy and birth: 

  1. At Caley Chiropractic, you use the Gonstead system  – can you explain what this particular system is about?

    The Gonstead System of chiropractic is a thorough full spine approach to assessing nerve pressure and dysfunction within the spine. It prides itself on the specificity of both finding the cause of the problem as well as correcting it and leaving everything else alone.

    The examination consists of thermography (temperature readings), neurological tests, in-depth spinal biomechanics analysis and when necessary x-Ray. It analyses the spine in a gravity environment and assesses how the disc is being affected due to altered positioning and motion, and how this affects the brain and body’s ability to communicate.

  2. With infertility comes an enormous amount of distress both emotionally and physically – how can Chiropractic care assist with infertility on an emotional/physical & cellular level?

    One of our nervous systems main jobs is to adapt to our environment, constantly!

    Depending on what is happening both inside and outside of our bodies; we are constantly having to change our physiology to stay alive and function. Emotional and physical stressors are constant and if our nervous systems are not able to optimally communicate what is needed, or are stuck in a “fight or flight” response, our body will not be able to make the necessary changes. Chiropractic is all about restoring your bodies ability to communicate and make the necessary adaptive changes.

  3. Can Chiropractic care cure infertility?

    No, chiropractic does not cure anything. I do not believe anything can cure infertility because infertility is not a diagnosis; it is a very unfortunate result of some other form of dysfunction(s) or underlying issue(s).

  4. As we know, infertility doesn’t solely lie with women, men can also be contributors – would you, therefore, recommend men come and see you in order to improve their fertility?

    I would absolutely recommend men come and see us to check if they have spinal and nervous system dysfunction which may then play a role in fertility issues. Neurological pressure and dysfunction can affect a man physically as well as hormonally.

  5. What are the longterm benefits for regular Chiropractic care, especially for someone trying to fall pregnant?

    This is wonderfully asked question.

    Anyone under specific chiropractic care will be able to enjoy the benefits of a more optimally functioning nervous system. Our bodies feeling more at ease and functioning better on every level. Being more connected and aware of your body is invaluable.

    For those looking to fall pregnant, I always compare this to the age-old debate by Pasteur and Bechamp – is it the seed/germ or the terrain/ environment that is the “problem”?

    Being under chiropractic care means we are giving our bodies the best chance to have a HEALthy environment. This is true for the physical side which means we will move and adapt well, but also the hormonal component required for pregnancy.

  6. How many sessions would you normally recommend to a patient struggling with infertility?

    This would 100% be dependent on the patient whether it is a fertility concern or not. Because chiropractic focusses on overall HEALth through the nervous system; care is catered on an individual basis rather than symptom relief (including infertility).

  7. Other than your Chiropractic clinic – you are an avid philanthropist – can you tell us what causes you are involved in?

    I’m an avid South African!

    I have recently moved back home to South Africa for many reasons; one of which is wanting to make a difference in our community.

    Chiropractic is a wonderful art which allows people to function better (which in turn may prevent any further issues down the road).

    My goal has been to help those in our country from a grass root level and build a HEALthier South Africa in the long run. In a formal capacity, I have joined forces with The Justice Desk which is a human rights organisation based here in Cape Town. It is run by a phenomenal group of people making huge waves in our country.I am mainly involved with the Mbokodo project which involves those affected by gender-based violence.

  8. Where can our patients donate to these incredible causes should they so wish?

    My website has information and a link to The Justice Desk, otherwise, just by googling them you will easily find ways to help – thank you!

    Also, being a loving human and respecting those around you is always a good first step. Often this starts with getting a chiropractic adjustment 🙂

  9. Do you have any final comments or words of encouragement for our patients?

    We experience our entire lives through our nervous systems. There is a massive difference between merely existing and experiencing life through an optimally functioning nervous system.

    Specific chiropractic care is about so much more than back and neck pain

To make an appointment to see Dr Glenn Caley, you can reach him by calling or WhatsApp on +27 (0)603124567 or email him directly on reception@caleychiropractic.com