Nov/Dev 2019 Newsletter • ISSUE 01 • VOLUME 1


  • Male Infertility & why Movember matters
  • HART proudly supports GreenPop
  • Introducing Jacqui Whittaker
  • Highlighting World HIV Day
  • Discussing the emotional impact of male infertility

We are delighted to distribute our first newsletter for HART Fertility Clinic.

We hope to inspire, educate and support our past, current and future patients every month.

We are passionate about what we do and work hard to highlight infertility issues as well as create a safe-place where we offer support and care every step of the way.



Why Movember provides a platform for us to talk about it…

November was a month that showcased an influx of men’s faces becoming wild, bushy, woolly, and outrageously cool!  What started off as a small statement years ago, in an attempt to bring awareness to much-needed discussions about men’s health, catapulted into a worldwide movement that today challenges any bewhiskered gentleman around the world, to grow a Mo for the full month of November…

Read our full blog below.


HART proudly supports:

Each month, we are dedicating one page to our beloved charities that we so very proudly support.

HART’s ethos within the fertility treatment world as well as outside the clinic’s walls is very much on a holistic level; healing the whole person when it comes to our patients as well giving back to our communities.

We are therefore very passionate about supporting charities that resonate deeply with us.

In 2019, we were looking for an environmental charity that does amazing work in our communities and we came across GreenPop.

Greenpop was born when the team realized there was an ongoing need for an organization which connects people to the planet, each other and themselves and decided to focus all of their energy on making it a reality.

Today, they focus on sustainable urban greening and forest restoration projects, spread environmental awareness, and activate people to become environmental stewards across Sub-Saharan Africa.

We had the honor of funding a GreenPop Planting day at Highlands Primary School in Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town in October 2019, where our team got their hands dirty… literally!

To see the full album, check out our Philanthropy page on our website now – link below.




Every month we will be shining a bright and special light on each of our wonderful team members.  Our very first feature is Jacqui Whittaker who is our Practice Manager. In an almost pastoral role, Jacqui is the welcoming voice on the phone and the friendly face that receives patients, as they arrive at the clinic. Read more about Jacqui below.


Sunday 1st December 2019


Being HIV positive doesn’t mean you cannot conceive a healthy baby…

Very significant advances in medicine and science, HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) seropositive people can live a long and happy life. Because of this, many couples have the opportunity to consider starting their own families by using either their own or donor gametes.

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Final thought…


The focus of infertility usually lies solely with women. However, we tend to neglect the emotional impact that infertility has on men, regardless of whether infertility stems from them or from their partner.

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We cannot believe that yet another year has flown by. And as we ready ourselves for 2020, we reflect fondly on 2019. It has been a great and busy year, with many new patients coming through our doors, as well as existing & past patients returning to come in and see us! We always strive to ensure we deliver the best service to you, as your valued thoughts and insights are important to us, so if you do have any comments, please share these with us.




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