Dr. Olarogun:


Dr. Femi Olarogun

We were honoured to be a part of the first (and immensely successful) Fertility Show Africa exhibition that took place at Gallagher Estate in Gauteng in March 2020.  One of our esteemed Reproductive Medicine Specialists, Dr. Olarogun, was invited to speak at the event as part of their expert panel. Dr Olarogun chose to discuss a very important matter of Egg Vitrification & Oncofertility.  Read full blog below.


World Sleep Day:

Sleep & Its Effect on Reproduction

“Sleep can seriously affect your reproductive health”

Last month, on the 13th of  March, we highlighted the importance of World Sleep Day. You may be asking yourself how sleep and fertility are connected? We felt it was essential for us to share with you how sleep can affect your reproductive health. Read full blog below.


Tuberculosis Awareness Day:

Tuberculosis of the Uterus

TB of the Uterus, also referred to as Genital TB, although not a very common condition, is a severe problem, and can be a cause of infertility if not treated early enough.

Genital TB can be difficult to diagnose, so be sure to read our full blog regarding this condition below.



We know It may not seem possible some days to stay positive during these trying times, so we are sending you 21 days worth of daily affirmations to lift your spirits, warm your hearts and to remind you that you are not alone in this! We are right here alongside you.

With love, compassion and unity, there is nothing we cannot deal with.

Please remember that although our clinic’s doors might be closed for now, we are offering our patients Skype consultations with our Doctors and IVF Coordinators.

We’ve GOT this!