Ishana Maharaj
Sophrology practitioner
During her time in Geneva, Switzerland, Ishana discovered a phenomenal Swiss holistic wellbeing method called, Sophrology. She was fascinated by its history, and successful practice in Switzerland, France, Spain and the UK over the last 56 years. One of the highest demands for Sophrology in Europe, was Maternity. Drawing from her personal stresses of corporate life, she was convinced that Sophrology could bring immense value to the modern working family. Her fulfillment is to watch the positive transformational process of people’s body, mind, spirit, emotions and soul. As a Practitioner, her ultimate passion is to help and support people in their journey of optimal health and wellbeing. Sophrology is a series of simple/highly effective dynamic relaxation methods, visualization, bits of meditation, breathing and mindful journeys which can be done in sitting, standing positions or lying on the bed. It harmonizes/stimulates all cells, organs, muscles, glands and systems of the body. These dynamic relaxation techniques will enable you to embrace the experience of fertility, pregnancy, birth and parenthood. Sophrology helps to prepare your body for pregnancy, release stress/tension/anxiety, cope and handle challenges more efficiently, be confident and overcome “fears”, feel happy and motivated, stay calm and relaxed towards a positive delivery, have a better connection with your baby in the womb and after childbirth, speed up recovery after birth and improves your quality of sleep. Consultations can be done online or face-to-face with individuals/couples or groups.


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